iboss Cybersecurity sector solutions.

The Education Sector

Keep your students safe.

There are few educational tools as powerful a resource as the Internet. Being an expansive online library of research papers, books, essays and support columns, the World Wide Web offers students access to all the information they could possibly need in order to accumulate the knowledge required to pass exams and obtain degrees. Education institutions also utilise the Internet to run their facilities effectively, using digital networks to house student portals, connect members of staff to one another, and store enormous amounts of data.

Almost every education facility in modern-day Britain depends on Internet access in order to function, and while the web has transformed the sector for the better in many ways, it has also forced institutions to pay due care and attention to a prominent and very real type of threat: cybercrime.

This issue is so serious that the government has actively moved to release guidelines and regulations for educational institutes to follow when they are utilising the Internet - and these must be followed in order to keep systems, students and staff completely safe.

The iboss Cybersecurity system has been designed to actively assist organisations within the education sector to battle web-based criminal activity and to comply with government regulations.

Our software and hardware actively fights cybercrime by stopping malware and viruses from infecting networks, whilst also encrypting data to protect it from intruders who may be aiming to steal it. Flexible and versatile, the iboss Cybersecurity system can be adapted to fit networks of any size, offering the same high-quality protection in every instance.

Educational facilities are required by law to comply with Prevent Duty. See our website for further information:

The Healthcare Sector

Protect your staff and patients.

The entire healthcare system relies on the Internet to some degree. From patient information to scheduling medical procedures, health-based facilities function via constant access to the web, with staff, patients and even visitors linking up to the facility's network for a variety of purposes when they are on the premises.

High-speed Internet access has enhanced operations in healthcare institutions considerably, supporting what are typically fast-paced environments that demand instant access to information at all times. The Internet has also improved patient morale in hospitals and care homes, offering temporary residents a way to remain entertained during lengthy stays when they are unable to leave their beds.

While institutions in the healthcare sector thrive on Internet communications technology, they also need to be aware of the dangers that lurk beneath the surface. Cyber criminals target healthcare facilities on a regular basis given the nature of the data that these organisations store - such as patient information and drug inventory.

The iboss Cybersecurity system is a specialised solution for defending healthcare networks against cybercrime and a wide variety of viruses. iboss enables healthcare facilities to:

  • Maintain high-speed Internet connections whilst remaining protected from online threats.
  • Offer protection for all connectivity devices, including PCs, mobile phones and tablets.
  • Encrypt and secure precious data so that it cannot be stolen.
  • Increase confidence in all users of the network when it comes to accessing, storing and sharing data.

iboss Cybersecurity allows healthcare institutions to use the Internet to their advantage while remaining protected from threats. With our system in place, any healthcare network can remain safe and secure 24/7.

The Corporate Sector

Ensure that your business data stays protected.

Businesses have a duty of care to protect all customer data from damage, theft or manipulation. Cyber criminals frequently attempt to hack into business networks to steal precious data and information that can be sold on to third parties and shared online, which can create all kinds of legal issues for the company in question.

The government has continually stressed the importance of protecting data stored within business systems and the ramifications of failing to do so are evident in the countless hacks that have been widely publicised in recent years.

The iboss Cybersecurity system is the perfect solution for protecting your customers' data. Not only does our software and hardware integrate smoothly with any network, it also refuses to interfere with bandwidth speeds. Our state-of-the-art cyber protection system builds a bubble around business networks, preventing thieves from accessing the server and making data extremely difficult to steal. An advanced filtering system is also available that prevents employees from downloading inappropriate content while using the company network.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes require fast and efficient Internet access in order to fulfil their duties and go about their daily tasks. With the iboss Cybersecurity system, any organisation in the corporate sector can operate at the same speeds as they usually would, only with an essential added element of protection in place.

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